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Annual Report
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2002 Throckmorton SWCD

Annual Report


Our Mission

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What’s New With Your SWCD


The past two years saw several changes and improvements in your Soil & Water Conservation District. The biggest change was the funding of a new part time position at the District headquarters in Throckmorton. After pressing for the funding for the position for the past several years, the State finally allowed the SWCD to receive a small allocation of funds for technical assistance to the District. There has been a great need for this position with more and more district activities taking place each year. The District will now be better prepared to provide landusers in the District with the services they need. By providing direct technical assistance, information on soils, plants, aerial photography, maps, and conservation practices the District will be able to further the cause of conservation in Throckmorton County.

Another big change for the District has been the purchase of the building housing the USDA Service Center in Throckmorton. Acquisition of the building will allow for much needed funds to be raised for the SWCD. The District currently has a 5-year lease agreement with the USDA agencies housed in the building and receives a monthly rental income from USDA. This source of revenue should allow for more and better assistance to be provided to the landusers in the SWCD by providing funds for the purchase of equipment and tools that will be made available to the public. This past year, the SWCD purchased a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit which can make measuring and laying off conservation practice much easier and faster. Funds have also been used to purchase computer software for bookkeeping and web site development. The District is currently looking into using building funds to purchase an ATV, two-way radios, and other tools for helping landowners carry out conservation work such as conducting prescribed burns and laying out conservation practices. Other potential equipment that the District may explore purchasing include a no-till grass drill or other seeding equipment.

The Throckmorton SWCD is constantly trying to improve its services to the people of Throckmorton County. Please let us know how we can improve our service to you!

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